Saturday, August 28, 2010

lyrics for "London"...

Felt compelled to share the lyrics for an upcoming track titled "London", as written by Ulrich Schnauss and myself. It's been a very strange ride the last few months, and I think these words sort of explain what's been on my mind... yes a teaser since you have yet to actually hear it, but hopefully it will be worth the wait....

lyrics: Policky
music: Schnauss/Policky
label: Rocket Girl Records

when the loud break shows
endless day
pray the light rays shine
foolish game

fearful last drop gonna rain
don't fall light
come back here
missed the last drop
has it rain?
don't fall light
come back here

it's on the marking on the wall
the final breaking day
noone will ever know this
the endless people say
they'll never want to hear this
at all
the final breaking day
noone will ever know this...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

recollections second batch coming

We sold out of our first run at toneVendor and a new batch is on it's way. Stay tuned and check the following link for when it's available again.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Quick update for those who may be wondering.... We have begun our recording once again for the upcoming album, despite a few months of on and off recording. We're prepping to get rolling with 3 new tracks tomorrow to go along with the recent song written while in Leytonstone visiting Ulrich Schnauss titled "London" (which is soon to appear on a compilation for Rocketgirl Records). Stay tuned for more updates...