Monday, August 22, 2011

losing them all to this time

So it's now complete. Two years of composing, recording, mixing, producing, going back to recording, learning new tricks, finessing, traveling to countries for new tracks, sending files back and forth, mastering, re-mastering, video shooting, setting up label business for the album, coordinating, mailing, and finally relaxing... and now here we are. It's 2011. 5 years since we first began this madness. This completely insane DIY process, that has been completely in our hands. Rewarding, humbling, nearly impossible, and draining in every way to the pocket book. But worth it? Yes! Very much so.

We may go down in history as the broke blokes who should have hunted for a label instead of taking out massive loans, but I will never complain. It feels so much better knowing I can only blame ourselves for any follys. We'll never be able to point our fingers at someone else for issues which may have or may arise in the future. Plus the album is exactly how we wanted it. It was our opus. An opus we now want to share with you!

I now find myself looking for new ways to fill the time. The grass is always greener. While recording all I can do is feel excited for the outcome, and once the outcome happens I almost want to go back to recording again. Maybe I'm a bit of an over worker. But I always find myself wanting to work on a new track, and right now all I can do is give myself some time to reflect upon what just happened...