Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Peña at Shoreline Studios

So we are pausing for a brief moment to dial in our live sound/record. We have been working with Sean Merrell from tintin/ian cooke (who is brilliant by the way). He has been a great friend from the drop the fear days, and it's great to have him drumming for us now. We're getting ready to play a few shows in February, and also working on new material. I am actually also helping out Peña record some new tracks here at Shoreline Studios.

For those who may be interested, Shoreline Studios/My House has been a self-proving ground, where I have spent way too many hours working late at night on mixes and overall production. My late friend Scot Gordon of Scary Valentine and Randall Frazier from Orbit Service both helped along the way with the basic understanding of overall production. I couldn't even come close to the masters I'm making now if it wasn't for a few very important tricks from Scot, so wherever you are, thanks man! Randall really helped in the EQ and mic'ing department, and for sure stepped my game up in the knowledge of room mic'ing.

So now I'm stepping out of my own element to help out friends who make music I love, and what better way than working with Peña, who are absolutely stunning live. Tomorrow night we record drums with Mike Scarano. Looking forward to it. . .

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