Friday, July 18, 2008

ulrich schnauss & experimental aircraft collaborations

So we're getting close on finishing up the album version of "neverChanger" which is basically gonna be the same version as what we played live with Ulrich Schnauss. We've started some rough tracks and I've sent it off to Ulrich for him to add his love.

Also spoke with Rachel of Experimental Aircraft today and we've decided to work on a track together as well! Should be quite an amazing recording. Absolutely adore the Monster Movie album she's on, and it's quite a dream come true to be able to dive into the depths of vox with such a legend. Looking forward to that.

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rachel staggs (aka rachel goldstar) said...

i'm on two lovely monster movie releases! one is an ep called "transistor"...and of course the brilliant album, "all lost". :)