Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a shoreline dream

So what is "a shoreline dream"? Where does that name come from? We're asked this question quite often and the only true explanation would be the irony of the phrase. The dream = a glorious life by the beach. The reality = a future wasteland and a horrible place to build a home, building, or city. Humans have accelerated their way of life in search of the future, totally unaware of the consequences of their actions. Doing something before fully thinking it through. Fighting, working and striving for that perfect life. Well, as time advances we have learned something we should have known a long time back. The world changes... all the time. We were clueless in our decision making process and we'll unfortunately pay the price for thinking for some reason that stability of climate, environment and life could even remotely be possible. We built entire empires in some of the most dangerous places on earth. What happens when these places become an environmental war zone? I for one don't think it will be very far off in the future as I believe it's already started. We were just too greedy as a race of people to ever understand. The water has boiled over and we never saw it coming.

Parallels can be drawn to this "shoreline dream" as well. It's not just on the shores, and it's not just an environmental issue. These bad decisions happen every day in many different ways. In relationships, in community, in religious views, and on and on it goes. People forget to think of the consequences of their actions, and we all do it. It's an imperfect world, but one not to take for granted. We always forget that we really have no time at all to appreciate everything around us. We tend to always focus everything into the "dream" of what we want to happen, and not the true "luck" that we're even alive to focus on it.

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