Monday, March 9, 2009

masking the loss

Once again using this blog as a venting landing pad. It's been a bit since I've updated so I guess now is the time. Every day has been tough since October, and thankfully the music is helping. The CD Release went off great and a few shows coming up look super promising. Absolutely can't wait to play in NY! But I must say I didn't think it would be this hard to cope with the loss of Michelle. I guess it's mostly due to the fact that nearly everything around me relates to an experience I had with her. The visions of her smile are almost too real and too frequent, and at least once a day a breakdown occurs. I guess that would be my own personal therapy. Or maybe some songwriting would help. Not sure. Been kinda in a coma. As per the usual you can prep yourself with a loss and understand what someone is going through, but until you yourself have to deal with it firsthand it never truly clicks. Well it's clicking, and tapping, and punching now. Time to figure out how to make it subside.

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