Friday, December 31, 2010

year of learning

So 2010 is now nearing closure. It goes down as a year in which recollections have overwhelmed. I made some simply dreadful love decisions, which alas should result in some new songs. This is indeed both good and bad. Good in the fact that it has inspired some things I never thought possible in my songwriting, and bad in the loneliness factor. But I am trying to not let it consume me. I'm looking to the future. It's been a very confusing time indeed, and the closure of the year has been nothing but reflections. My favorite quote right now comes from the love in question: "If things were different, things would have been different." It plays back over and over again in my thoughts.

It's now time to take all of this and turn it into something positive. Music should result and the band will grow stronger. A Shoreline Dream will enter 2011 with a deeper meaning. And I hope to become a better person from it all...

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