Monday, May 9, 2011

hype machine

As part of an ongoing rant, I must sit back and reflect upon the years we've been working on this "music" of ours. It's been a wild ride, and it never truly is how it appears. The mass media, with all it's hype and dumpings of "new" has lost it's grip. Independent bands are compelled to release as fast as possible, with quantity always taking precedence over quality. "Being Relevant", "Genre Defining", and "Top Tier Sellers" seem to be the most important attributes to releases these days, and albums don't matter. These "releases" are purely singles.

And what is lost? The hardcore fan. The music lover who listens end to end. The person who collects all the hidden treasures they can find on their favorite band. Because who is their favorite band? Can they even answer that? There are far too many new ones to pay attention to next. Week after week. Day after day.

Well, as we prep our final recordings for the third full length album all of this starts compelling me even more. It becomes more important to me to really spend the time to make this album an album worth loving. I'm a fan of great LP's, by great bands. And while we are still little guys in the eyes of the media, we do have fans we love. Fans we want to give our best efforts to. Forget all the hype. Forget all the prestige. We just love music, and we hope our fans feel like the wait was worth it. That our fine tuning was better suited than just releasing at record pace.

Music is good! The album is just around the bend... and we hope you stay tuned!

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