Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mixing "Manhattan Beach" tonight

After some fine tuning of "Hypermode" it's now time to move on to "Manhattan Beach" for some adjustments. It's a process I generally go through every time I produce a record. I spend a few days mixing, listen to everything in context, get feedback from everyone, and go back for a second run through. After that I'll usually let all the songs sit and do the same process again a month or so later. This allows for a good detachment time period. Detachment is key after recording. If you spend too much time working on something it will be good in your eyes no matter what. This approach let's me come back into it and determine if the songs are working. Sometimes we'll realize a particular track has much more potential and needs more work, where other times we'll realize that we hit the mix dead on and can release it to the wolves.

So far I'm very optimistic about this record. The tracks are right where I was hoping they'd be sonically and emotionally. They have a really nice flow, and once dialed this could be our best effort yet.

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