Monday, October 6, 2008

Abandon the Media Truck before it explodes. . .

We live in an increasingly dark time that relies on scare tactics, corporate mind washing & increased political anger. I wanted to take this moment to remind everyone to live not for what is told to you by your newspaper, television set or web blog sponsored by Chevy, but to start living, thinking and researching history and the present day for yourselves. I fear that too many have lost touch with reality, and are being controlled without awareness. It's been told through history time and time again, and we still can't learn from the mistakes of the past. It's sad, but it can be stopped. Fear spreads worse than any wildfire, and the current level of fear is way past orange. Think about it. Every civilization destroys itself by this fear spreading and weakening the interior. We must stop it from happening or face a consequence we'll regret more than losing our 401k's. There is truly nothing to fear. Corporations are not our mothers, and we don't have to do what they tell us to.

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