Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freight Train

One of our goals has been to compose music that makes you feel the way that a train does as it approaches from the distance then passes closely. You can feel the energy build as the engine approaches and the rails begin to tremble. You are then somewhat surprised by the speed and sonic pressure as the engine and its cars begin to pass. You become acclimated to watching each individual car as you become adjusted to the speed and presence. It is at that point that you begin to gaze beyond the glass and into the depth of the interior of each car. Each glimpse creates a new story only limited by the briefness of the glimpse and your own imagination.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Germany. With our full length nearly complete, I took the time to listen to our efforts while I traveled through the city and the countryside. As I waited on platforms and rode in cars I compared our work to the sensations that I experienced. And, after everything was done I had a chance to reflect on our efforts during a very long flight back from London. It was during my flight that I wrote my final comments as I listened. The more opportunities I had to listen, the more excited I felt about our work. I feel like everyone has done an exceptional job on composition and recording and the album is sensational.

With only a few more sessions left we will have completed the task of recording our next full length album. And, once we have it completed I look forward to hearing everyones thoughts on the moods and sensations they felt while listening to the album or coming out to a show. We will have to see.


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