Wednesday, November 12, 2008

album finished!

Two extremes happened simultaneously. Kramer finished mixing our album at the same time as a dear friend of mine passed away. Now I know the true meaning to why the name "recollections of memory" came to mind while writing the album. While it's on it's way back from Kramer's to our studio I wanted to let you all know that this is a very important one for all of us. It personally kept me sane for the past year and a half, and it taught me a lesson about life that now holds very true. Life itself is very fragile. We live in great numbers letting that make us feel secure, while at any moment it could all be stripped away from us without any compromise, no matter how many surround us. We must make our time full of all the love and hope we can. Never take your friends for granted. Hold them dear. Live for life.

I look forward to you hearing this album...

'Ryan Policky

1 comment:

Rosario said...

Me gusta la música que hacéis :)

Ese sonido de la guitarra es como viajar a través de los tiempos.

Un saludo y enhorabuena!!!