Monday, November 3, 2008

Michelle Brim

More of a personal thing, but I figured I'd blog it since I have to get this out in all ways. I stated the morning with news darker than any monday has ever been for me. The word came in of the death of my dear friend Michelle Brim. It's only a week after the anniversary of my other friend, Scot Gordon who took his life in 2003, which alone almost drained me completely. Now I feel empty. I've lost all emotions. I'm in the so called "shock" mode, and the flashbacks are brighter than ever. Life is so sad really. To see those you love disappear completely has such a huge effect, and can never be explained till it happens. I'm dead inside right now, but full of hope that maybe now she is finally in a happy place, smiling forever, and letting a true love surround her. I love ya Michelle, and I'll always remember you. You changed me forever with all you did. You are truly my little DM.

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